Version 1.5.4198

A “wipe out all settings” button is added.

The horizontal scroll invert toggle gets removed.

The bug that cmd-scroll has no effect for scrolls without acceleration gets fixed.

Add lateral scroll & zoom actions for button clicks.

For those mice with too many buttons that can only be mapped on-board to keyboard strokes, add a dropdown list for general key mapping sources and all mouse actions for general key mapping destinations.

Add the general key mapping for exceptions.


6 responses to “Version 1.5.4198”

  1. 这个版本比之前的好多了,特别是中文翻译,很不错,但是shift 滚动反向依然无效,希望能够修复。目前在1.5.4028中,shift滚动反向可以正常使用,后面的版本均存在shift滚动反向无效的情况。

    1. 抱歉,刚才测试了下,shift滚动反向只有在平滑滚动打开的状态下才有效,1.5.4028及之前的版本,即使平滑滚动未打开,shift滚动反向依然有效,希望能够恢复这个功能。

      1. The bug is validated. This will be corrected in the next version. Thanks for your report!

  2. 1.5.4198版本,在单个应用设置中,垂直滚动方向反转无效,希望能够修复。

  3. I used to be able to map Scroll Left/Right in BetterTouchTool, but as of now, it no longer works. Could it be some issue with BetterMouse? (I know you are not affiliated)

    1. Yes it could be BM, but we don’t see it as an issue. We don’t know how other apps are implemented then we have no idea how to be compatible with others.

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