Version 1.5.3332

This’s a major release, it will wipe out all your previous settings, and the settings save/load won’t help due to the configuration being incompatible is the reason of wipe out in the first place.

The best practice is to take some pics of your settings.

release notes:

  • Improved reinitializing procedure from wake up, hopefully fixing some configuration loss issues.
  • Add a “more smooth” option to scroll.
  • Add a chart to visualize your smooth scroll settings for macOS 13. for already overly complicated scroll settings.
  • Improved action of “Force click”, and renamed it to Look up.
  • Add an option of cursor hold in gesture.
  • Add a new long press gesture.
  • Expand the long press and drag gestures to the right button.
  • Add general “grab for binding” options for quirk buttons of Logi mice.
  • Code revamp and UI improvements.

Due to a major code revamp, there must be bugs in many corner cases, bug reports are hugely welcome.


2 responses to “Version 1.5.3332”

  1. MX anywhere mouse scroll ratchet is not working again 🙁

  2. Me again, after closing the app, the mouse is extremely slow now! MX Anywhere 3

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