Version 1.4.2543

Add support for fast user switching.

Add a DPI setting for supported Logi mice.


2 responses to “Version 1.4.2543”

  1. First off, loving the app, thank you for developing it.
    With this latest update V1.4.2543, I’m noticing the cursor control speeds are greatly hampered (severely slowed) if using the system settings, and not BetterMouse. If I quit BetterMouse and turn my mouse (MX Master 2s) off and back on again it returns to normal scrolling speeds. I can get faster/normal cursor speeds back with turning on BetterMouse Cursor Control, but I’d prefer to just use the system setting and not have to tweak BetterMouse settings for it. Running macOS Monterey12.6

    1. Glad that you like it:)

      The issue may be due to you didn’t set the DPI. We’ll add a checkbox for disabling the DPI setting by default in later versions. Sorry for your inconvenience.

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