Version 1.4.2883

Fixed a severe crash bug.

Have bolt receiver being preliminarily supported without fully tested.

Multi-platform logi keyboards are supported to set to mac mode automatically.

Other bug fixes and improvements.


15 responses to “Version 1.4.2883”

  1. Looks like after some time of application working additional buttons (in my case button under thumb in Logitech M720 mouse) recognition stops working – no action on “Buttons” tab. Button under wheel and 2 buttons on left side of mouse are working fine. After application restart button under thumb is start working properly.

  2. Does this only happens in this version or also in previous versions?

    1. Let me verify that.

    2. For 1.4.2677 after some time app doesn’t see that last button on “Buttons” tab but shortcut is working (in my case Ctrl + arrow up).

      1. By “last button” I mean Thumb Button.
        I’ve been also noticed that in 1.4.2677 when thumb button stoped been recognised on “Buttons” tab I could assign it’s shortcut to other button by pressing it after that other button. Ex. I had Ctrl + Up assigned to Thumb Button and I could assign this shortcut by pressing Button 3 + Thumb Button.
        In 1.4.2883 above example is not working.

  3. So according to your discovery, the issue is only on the Button tab right? We’ll be looking into this, thanks for your feedback!

    1. I suspect there are 2 issues:
      – in 1.4.2677 – Button tab stop recognising thumb button to assign shortcut but I shortcut is working
      – in 1.4.2883 – after app stops recognise thumb button nothing’s working. It looks like issue 1 with additional effects.

  4. Do you connect via Bluetooth or a dongle? They are very different regarding how the app handles them. We’re trying to recreate the situation on our side but have had no luck yet.

    1. Yesterday I worked without any problem. The only thing I changed was to disable and enable Accessibility. Could this be a game changer or was it a coincidence?

      1. Most likely a coincidence. Accessibility permission doesn’t play a role in the app itself, it’s merely a prerequisite to allowing the app to run. The app can perform the shortcut showing the button 8 clicks can be captured adequately by the app, so it looks more like something went south within the app itself, the only problem is we haven’t discovered where yet.

      2. Ok. It’s just strange that’s it worked properly yesterday.

  5. My remote desktop sessions to windows are completely broken now. How can we disable modifying the keyboard remap that was added in Version 1.4.2762? The only way I can have a functional computer is to revert to version 1.4.2677…

    1. Yes, we will add a toggle temporarily as we discussed before.

      1. Awesome! You’re promptness in fixing this is just amazing! Thank you!

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