Version 1.5.3994

v3963 newly introduced bug fixes.


2 responses to “Version 1.5.3994”

  1. Looks like using the vertical scroll wheel (“as button“) on my MX Master 3S to trigger shortcuts does not work anymore. If I use the vertical wheel in the “Buttons” tab, then BetterMouse adds an item for “double tap”, regardless if I scroll up or down. This behavior happens, if the mouse is connected via Bluetooth.

    I tried using a Bolt receiver, which fixes the issue described above.

    I am not sure the problem was introduced in the latest version of the software. It would be really nice, if you could look into fixing it.

    Thank you for developing BetterMouse 🙂. It’s much nicer than the software from Logitech.

  2. Been loving BetterMouse so far on my MX Master3S. Is there a way to add the actions “move to left desktop/move to right desktop/App Expose/Show Desktop/Mission Control” to the Buttons tab?

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