Version 1.4.2762

This version will wipe out your scroll and all button binding settings, and you can’t use config save/load to recover it since that only works with the same app version. Please take some pictures of your settings before upgrading, sorry for our stupidity.

Some bug fixes regarding the button binding panel.

Button binding logic improvements. Say you’ve bound button2 to cmd-z but have no other modifier-keyed bindings for button2, when you input shift-button2, the app will output shift-button2 unchanged in previous versions, but will output shift-cmd-z now.

Have a better “App Switch” shortcut which can fully mimic the keyboard cmd-tab, but is only limited to button gesture binding now. For button presses, simply bind them to the cmd-tab instead, then you can use cmd + button press to achieve the same thing.

Some other bug fixes regarding shortcuts execution.

Temporarily map Home/End keys to cmd←(line start)/cmd→(line end) with no UI yet.


6 responses to “Version 1.4.2762”

  1. Creating print screen is not working on “Buttons” tab.

    1. I can understand that for creating a print screen shortcut is used, but maybe some of them (shortcuts) should be excluded (with possibility of disable exclusion). Or maybe there could be option in “Settings” to exclude overwriting some shortcuts.

  2. We’re afraid that exceptions will put users’ minds into some uncertainty, which we see not worthy. We can easily take a snapshot using menu bar menus with some 3rd party tools like Snipaste if we really want to, but obviously, taking a photo is the most intuitive way.

  3. Combination of Shift + Home/End (selecting text to the start/end of the line) is not working. Worked in previous version.

  4. Yeah you’re right, thanks for your report, will be corrected in the next version.

    1. No problem. Have a nice rest of the day 🙂

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