What is it?

It’s a macOS utility improving external mouse performance and functionalities, aiming for replacing bulky, intrusive, and resource-hungry mouse drivers like Logitech Options. It’s feature-rich, light-weighted, efficiency-optimized, and perfectly privacy safe, trying to meet all your needs for using a 3rd-party mouse on macOS.



  • Butter smooth scroll, with fully configurable settings of duration, direction, acceleration, etc.
  • Precise configurable discrete scroll with or without acceleration.
  • Shift-scroll to horizontal on/off, with configurable speed, and direction.
  • Right-click pan free scroll.
  • Ctrl-right-click pan free zoom.
  • Ctrl-scroll to zoom/pinch.
  • Thumbwheel zoom for hi-res thumbwheel.


  • Separated cursor acceleration & speed control, acceleration can be completely eliminated.
  • Precise mouse fps counter.
  • Per mouse settings of DPI, onboard profiles, scroll wheel & thumb wheel for supported Logi mice.
  • A unifying & bolt receiver pairing tool included.

Button/gesture mapping

  • Mapping every extra button click to any keyboard shortcuts & extensive special actions.
  • Drag up/down/left/right and long press gestures mapping for extra buttons, and the right button.
  • Modifier keyed button/gesture mapping.
  • Click-through feature for left/right click for direct actions to inactive windows with one click.
  • Click-through option for every mapping independently.
  • Unique fast version of spaces switching, mission control actions.


  • Modifier keys substitution for per keyboard independently.
  • Substitutions for every single modifier key separately including Caps lock.

Exception apps

  • Per-app independent settings for scroll setting & button/gesture mapping.


  • Menu bar app with the hide-able app icon.
  • Clean & safe, with no custom network access, and no file access.
  • Notarized regular app, doesn’t install any extension, driver, daemon or agent, you name it. Doesn’t release any file(except for a config file generated by OS in the default location).
  • Fully optimized algorithm with extremely low CPU & power usage.
  • Fully functional free trial, one-time purchase for a lifetime.


Same as any other app, unzip the file you downloaded, and move the to your /Applications folder, done.

When the first run, it needs accessibility permission, it’s a necessity for all these kinds of apps. Enable it in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility.

To uninstall it, just move the file to recycle bin.

Version 1.5.3700, 3 Jun 2023
macOS 11.0 minimum, Intel/Apple silicon universal
File size: 3.73MB

7 days free trial
one-time purchase for life for $7.99
5 devices per license

Version 1.5.3700

Add multishot for hotkey actions of directional gestures. Download

Version 1.5.3673

Bug fixes regarding per-app button binding. Download

Version 1.5.3669

Add “app launch” in the action menu.

Version 1.5.3642

Added 4 binding actions of Sleep, Logout, Screen off and Lock screen. Added general keyboard binding & keyboard-specific key binding. Added cmd-scroll & cmd-pan for higher speed, with no UI. Download

Version 1.5.3497

Fixed a bug of false triggering of gestures. Fixed the bug of the run at login display. Simplified the thumbwheel function selection to parallel 4 options. Expand the thumbwheel as button functionality with the long press and left/right gestures. Device initializations speed up. Battery level display for some new mice supported. The rachet disengagement point slider range has been adjusted to align with the original…

Version 1.5.3461

Fixed a bug regarding ctrl-right-button-pan zoom. ctrl-scroll zoom improvements. Add ‘eject’ in the key-mapping list in case someone wants to use keyboard shortcuts to put the machine to sleep or turn off the screen. Download

Version 1.5.3455

Fixed an error in the scrolling algorithm. Download

Version 1.5.3426

Bug fixed: The scroll graph gets improved to make it easier to understand. Button binding is improved, now you can bind ⌘⌃q without locking the screen. Button binding items are now open for free selecting with mouse clicks. Download

Version 1.5.3365

Fixed a bug where the control panel for some mice didn’t show. Add a “middle click” binding action. Download

Version 1.5.3332

This’s a major release, it will wipe out all your previous settings, and the settings save/load won’t help due to the configuration being incompatible is the reason of wipe out in the first place. The best practice is to take some pics of your settings. release notes: Due to a major code revamp, there must be bugs in many corner cases, bug reports are hugely…

Version 1.4.3199

Fixed the compatibility issue of the click-through with trackpads. Add the support for the newer EM scroll wheel of MX Anywhere 3. UI improvements. Download

Version 1.4.3176

Fixed a crash bug regarding exception app binding. Added modifier keyed clicks and zoom to the binding list. Changed wheel tap button number, your bindings may mess up, please review your buttons panel after the upgrade, sorry for that. Added a control by button switch for switching the ratchet/freespin mode of the scroll wheel. your mouse settings in the cursor panel may mess up, sorry…